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Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet

When you shop with Post Road Carpet, you get great service that focuses on making sure you're fully informed about your carpet. We want you to be completely satisfied with your carpet purchase, so we've prepared a FAQ list to cover some of the most commonly asked questions in purchasing new carpet.


If you have additional questions, please call our expert staff at 508-485-2227.

What are the different carpet fibers available?

Wool, nylon, polyester, and olefin are the major types of carpet fibers.

What are the basic differences in the fiber types?

  • Wool is naturally stain resistant, resilient, and durable but requires a higher level of maintenance.

  • Nylon is very durable. It has excellent fiber memory, stain resistance, and cleanability, as well as good abrasion resistance.

  • Polyester produces vibrant colorations, is fade resistant, and is resilient to stains.

  • Triexta is an extremely soft fiber produced by Mohawk, with stain resistance being part of the actual construction of the carpet.

What are the different texture types of carpets?

Post Road Carpet's high-quality carpets are available in cut pile / plush, loop, frieze, and cut and loop varieties.

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What are the basic differences in the textures?

  • Cut pile / plush carpet fiber ends are densely woven to provide smooth finishes and excellent soil resistance, so this texture is a good choice for formal areas or rooms that are more likely to have dirt or spills.

  • Loop pile carpets have yarn that is looped and fastened to the backing, which produces a very durable carpet that is ideal for a high-traffic area.

  • Frieze carpets use a short, durable, twisted pile fiber that is nicely suited for your busy areas.

  • Cut & loop carpet combines cut and loop textures to dramatically increase the range of textures and patterns available to you. The varied levels of the loops can create patterns that look as if they have been cut into the carpet.

Do some carpets seam better than others?

There are three major factors that contribute to the visibility of the seams in your carpet: the height of the carpet pile, the room's lighting, and the placement of the seams. Be sure to talk to your salesperson about any seam concerns prior to installation, or have our experienced design consultants help plan the installation.

What is pet-friendly carpet?

Pet-friendly carpet is carpet that is specially designed to resist the stains and damage inflicted by your furry friends. There are waterproof backing types and stain resistant carpets that address a variety of pet issues.

What should I do before I come in to shop for carpet?

As you consider new carpet, it is often a good idea to take some rough measurements.  Using a tape measure, measure from the widest points in the room, making sure to include any closets. Bring in any paint chips or coordinating accessories that may help your selection process. Lastly, it is often helpful if you take pictures of your space.

Why is the amount of carpet I need different than my room measurements?

Carpet is like fabric for your floor. It is woven on a loom 12 by 15 ft. wide. Depending on your room size, you may have to purchase more carpet than just the floor's area to accommodate for seams and patterns. Our expert consultants are always ready to help you figure out exactly how much carpet you need.