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Carpet Care

Your new carpet can last for years when proper care is taken. To keep your carpets looking fresh and new, please follow the tips below. Some manufacturers have special recommendations for their products that may affect your warranty, so be sure to follow the link to learn how to protect your carpet.


If you have additional questions about caring for your new carpet, don't be afraid to call the Post Road Carpet experts at 508-485-2227 or visit us in Marlborough.

Regular Carpet Care

  • Use mats — Use mats at your doorsteps, both inside and out, to trap the soil before it gets a chance to settle into your carpet.

  • Vacuum regularly — Different carpets may require specific vacuum types for your carpet. Make sure to check the manufacturers' recommendations linked below.  Frieze styles and newer “soft” fibers in particular require less agitating vacuums.

  • Clean carpets periodically — Clean your carpet BEFORE it shows traffic patterns. Use mild cleaning solutions. Check instructions from your carpet's manufacturer before applying any solution. Test an inconspicuous area of the carpet before proceeding to apply any solution to the entire surface.

Quick Action for Spills

  • Clean up spills immediately — Use a spoon or spatula to pick up items. Use a paper towel to blot up liquids. Never rub, scrub, or brush. Blot from the outside, moving in to stop the stain from spreading.

  • Follow the stain removal instructions provided by your carpet manufacturer. For quick reference, please follow this link for instructions from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Handy Links to the Manufacturers' Cleaning Tips

Please click on your carpet's manufacturer to see their recommendations for care.




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